Warren's Indian Opponent: She Should Pay Reparations To The Cherokees With Her Salary

'She's a bigger fake Indian than we thought'

CNN's John Avlon Says Trump's Twitter Fight With Stormy Daniels Sums Up The State Of America In 2018

'It says a lot about where we are in 2018'

CNN Analyst Tries To Explain Ted Cruz's Widening Lead On Beto O'Rourke And Predicts A Cruz Victory

'Ted Cruz is going to probably win'

Pompeo Suggests Sanctions Against Turkey To Be Lifted After Release Of American Pastor

Says there's 'a logic' to removing sanctions against Turkey

Joy Behar Claims Trump Is Training Kids To Be Racists And Bullies: Meghan McCain Fires Back

'This is not going to break us, OK?'

Senate Candidate Marsha Blackburn Says Voters Care More About Results Than 'The Story Of The Day'

'Our message is getting through'

Massive Alligator Shows Up On Florida Golf Course. What The Players Did Will Shock You [VIDEO]


Wisconsin's Season Is Over. What Happens Now?

A tough pill to swallow

Joy Behar Uses Armenian Genocide To Prove Trump Will Pave The Way For Another Hitler

'one of the reasons he knew he could get away with it'

Duke Basketball Star Reportedly Asked For Cash And Other Illegal Benefits During Recruitment

What is the truth?

Trump's Plan To Cut Aid To Central America Draws Support From Border Patrol Community

'This is a very rational statement'

What Do People Think Of Hillary's Ethics Of Cheating?

'I'm a firm believer in going to a psychologist ... it just seems [Clinton] has not done that'

Naked Man Gets Kicked Out Of Medieval Festival For Unruly Behavior. What He Did Next Isn't Exactly PG [WATCH]

Talk about a wild night

Unmarried Couples Are Having Nearly Half Of America's Kids

'Long-term trend'

40 Percent Of US Children Are Born Out Of Wedlock. Here's Why That's Important

Poverty, abuse, breakups, drug use

Republicans Keep Getting Violently Attacked

'His actions were politically motivated'

Conor McGregor Parties It Up With Dallas Cowboys Players In Awesome Video

He's a legend

Trump Knocks The Media's Ability To Take Criticism — 'They Hit Me So Viciously ... I Give Them A Little Jab'

Is he right?

Republicans Grew A Backbone After Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

Setting the record straight

Senator Elizabeth Warren Released Her DNA Tests, What Exactly Did It Prove?

Menendez Opponent Goes For The Jugular: Brings Up His Underage Accusers

Underage prostitutes?

Maria Bartiromo Reminds Congressman That America Has Been Doing Deals With 'Amoral' Actors For Years

'Let’s not forget that'

LSU Football Program Hit With Absurd Fine. Fans Should Revolt

This is absurd

Hillary Clinton Car Accident Caught On Camera

Hope she is okay

Secret Tape Reveals Why Hyde-Smith Refuses To Debate McDaniel

'I love debates'

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